A Young Woman Named Bridget

Today we are CELEBRATING a Young Woman Named Atim Bridget! Bridget had lost both of her parents to AIDS (they had been Primary Teachers) and was living with her HIV+ grandfather when she was accepted into Village2Village Project in Serere, Uganda. Bridget was able to join the community of children with similar tragic stories for comfort and understanding, breakfast, […]

The Whole Family Benefits

While Village2Village Project is raising and supporting each child in our program UNIQUELY, we are ALSO creatively engaging each child’s extended family members through our Family Empowerment ministry. Each child’s guardian comes to monthly Guardian Meetings at the site where we keep them informed about the children in our program, and seek out feedback from […]

Tiny Seeds of HOPE

Visiting the homes of new children in our program can be shocking. Families who have had little if any intervention. Over time, after a child has been in our program, and the family visited on a regular basis, you see the SPARK of HOPE increasing, and in some cases a tiny seed of HOPE being […]

World AIDS Day

Yesterday was World AIDS Day. December 1st. Which this year, was also #GivingTuesday and it overshadowed a very important issue — AIDS. So, I’m giving it its OWN DAY, today. The vast majority of the children in Village2Village Project have lost one or both parents. When you work with orphaned children in Africa, you are […]

Holiday Break in Serere

Yoga Noi! Greetings from Village2Village Project! Typically I have been using this blog around the times when I am traveling to Uganda, however, I am going to begin publishing more consistent Village2Village Project “goings on” here. I hope this will provide another way to keep you informed, and give you a picture into the life […]

Peer Elected Leaders

I thought you would enjoy seeing the peer elected leaders at the Village2Village Project. This picture was taken after a team meeting with the head of the Children’s Department. Sam, Esther, Jesca, Nelson, Alex, Isaac, Ivan, Bridget Watching these children stepping up into leadership positions in the Project was such a blessing and source of […]

Women’s Empowerment Project

In October of 2011 I took a cash donation to Uganda from a group of my friends. We weren’t sure just where it would go to, but decided that we would follow God’s leading ‘on the ground’. We discussed this money with the staff and a former staff member (now board member, successful businessman, and […]