A Sense of Community

I’ve tried to express the feeling of community and belonging here at the Village2Village Project site … but perhaps in this case, pictures will indeed be worth more than 1000 words. The vast majority of the children in the Village2Village Project program have lost one or both parents due to AIDS, violence or abandonment. This […]

A Good Work

Village2Village Project children gain more than just school fees, uniforms, 2 meals during weekdays for primary students, room and board and supplies for secondary students, encouragement and guidance from staff workers . . . the children become part of a COMMUNITY. The staff has been working with the children to elect leaders among themselves who […]

Quilting and Beading

One of the women contributing to the Village2Village Project, Emily, has been working with three of the girls, Jane, Merab and Ketty, staying at the House of Love in Kampala. Emily, who has very young children of her own, mothers these girls like her own. During their holiday break Emily has been working with them […]

Giving and Receiving

When I traveled to Uganda to experience the Village2Village Project in action, I went with my new role within ‘sponsor communications’ in mind. Armed with notebooks, technical pencils, my laptop, camera and video camera, I set out to collect as much information as possible for my ‘clients’… the sponsors. I didn’t go to ‘fix’ or […]


On Thanksgiving Day in the United States, I thought it would be appropriate to post a letter from a mother (the single surviving parent) of one of the Village2Village children (who suffers from asthma) written to her daughter’s treasured sponsor: “The main motive of writing to you is to say thank you in a very […]

Let me tell you my story …

One of the most surprising parts of my journey to Uganda came about by . . . seeing, listening and being. Laurie and I went to the clinic in Serere to see Christine and Christopher (who run the Village2Village Project HOPE Ministry) in action (Christopher is in the cream/white shirt, Christine is in the green […]

Lives. Saved.

When the Village2Village Project met this family, they were dying… Meet Stella. Her husband had died of AIDS leaving her and their four daughters to fend for themselves in the bush, all HIV+. They lived in their grass thatched hut, and slept on flower sacks on the mud and cow dung floor. Stella covered up […]